Like a lot of great ideas, The Ice Cream Bar started as an accident. While celebrating a friend’s birthday one warm spring evening, someone spilled a beer near an ice cream maker.

Maybe it was serendipity. Maybe it was the humidity. But we all thought there might be something to this alcohol-meets-ice cream thing. After a little experimenting, we came up with a flavor we liked. Other people enjoyed it too. Like our friends, neighbors, local chefs, store owners and thousands of festival goers.

Since then we’ve launched nearly a dozen amazing flavors of ice cream and sorbet made with liquor or craft beer. With alcohol you really can taste in every bite.

Our mission is to continue making products that push culinary (and legal) limits. We want to thrill your taste buds. Whether a hot summer day, a chill night at the bar or dessert after a superb meal, there’s nothing quite like a pint among friends. Especially ours.